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Chakra Healing Workshop

This workshop is offered as a space to come and experience a group chakra healing.

The chakras are a infinite number of spinning discs of energy that surround the physical body. The health of our chakras can directly impact many aspects of our health.

It is important to cleanse the chakras often, so that old energies can be detoxed and new space is create to support healthy, vibrant energy flow. When our energy is flowing optimally we feel present, grounded, cam and balanced.

Guided meditations, visulisations, crystals and essence will help calm the mind while stimulating energy flow, allowing the chakras to gently cleanse and awaken, leaving you feeling calm, clear, grounded and relaxed

We will discuss ways that you can cleanse your chakras on your own, using healing foods, mantras, sounds and smells.

A evening for connection and learning.

Bookings via email

Earlier Event: October 26
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Later Event: November 17
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