Reiki 1 - Activation + Illumination


Reiki Level 1

To learn Reiki is to step gently into your own healing ability. A Reiki attunement has powerful + long lasting effects on the electromagnetic field and other energy systems of the body. Healing is a natural process, and learning Reiki helps to remove blocks that support the flow of healing energy.

Reiki 1 gives us the tools to navigate life with more grace, more compassion and more awareness.

This one day course offers the opportunity to learn

All about Reiki, and how to use it every day for optimal energetic health

  • into your life for maximum healing and spiritual growth

  • Learn how to transform your own energy through self-healing

  • How how energy works

  • How to strengthen and expand the aura and energetic systems of the body

and much, much more. When you receive the Reiki attunements you experience an opening and strengthening of all the energy systems of the body. These attunements help clear old karmic patterns, releasing fear-based thoughts, stress and worry and creating space for more healthy, vibrant and fluid energy. You will also give and receive a Reiki healing

A vegan morning tea and lunch are provided and included in the cost of the course, as is your Reiki manual, the four attunements necessary to channel Reiki energy, a certificate and the opportunity to meet other healers

London Reiki 1 Dates

Are you ready for a shift?

Held at the beautiful The London Wellness Studio in Bethnal Green, join me for a day of spiritual development, connection and Reiki magic. Please send me an email with a little bit about yourself and I will get back to you as soon as possible x