Om Chi Reiki is proud to announce that places for our first ever Reiki Mastership course are open!

After a year of deep healing & growth , I finally feel ready to offer this sacred workshop to those wishing to deepen their healing abilities even more! More details coming soon

The healing energy of Kwan Yin & the Lavender Flame

Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion & mercy has brought me much love and support over the years. Her healing energy has continued to touch all areas of my life time and time again, and I am extremely grateful for her continued loving support on my healing journey. A few years ago I because attuned to her healing modality and have been connecting with it privately, and feel ready to offer it up to my wonderful clients from early next year. For more information, please contact me!

Solstice offerings

2018 has seen the expansion of myself and Lori of the Humble Nooks Solstice offerings, and we are over the moon at the response from our Melbourne community. We have seen every event this year sell out, sometimes weeks in advance, and have made the shift from the lovely Graces Revolution studios in Collingwood to the divine Kwan Yin Temple in the beautiful Prana House, Thornbury. We are so grateful for the continued support from friends, family and clients, and for what started as an idea almost two years ago has manifested into a popular series of healing experiences! Due to the popularity of these events we have decided to move into the bigger room at Prana House for our next event so that we may continue to expand our offerings to you! We also saw the magical Mark of Inner Sounds join our team, bringing with him powerful vibrational healing with his huge range of wonderful instruments. From Lori, myself and Mark we would like to say thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you at our next event in February!

The healing energy of Gratitude

I believe it is beautiful to use these holidays as a time of reflection - practising gratitude for your loved ones, a roof over your head & food in your belly emits a powerful vibration of thankfulness, an energy which has the ability to transform even the densest of vibrations! To practise gratitude is to offer up and acknowledge how blessed we are to be safe, warm & loved. There are currently 65 million displaced people wandering the planet now - there’s some food for thought.

Supporting small businesses & spending consciously over the holidays

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘when you buy from a small business, a little person does a happy dance? Well guess what - its true! For many of us Christmas can be very over-whelming - expensive, busy & exhausting! Why not treat someone you love to a healing treatment instead of something that will end up in the bin in a few months? The energetic benefits from a relaxing treatment such as Reiki, a massage or accupuncture has the ability to be infinite. maybe a donation to your favourite charity would be a cool gift? In a world where no-one needs more stuff, every penny you spend is powerful.