What is Reiki?

REIKI translates as ‘Universal Spirit of Life’ – the energy that is continuously flowing through and around every living thing.

It is a gentle energy healing modality that is usually done by placing the hands in a series of positions over or slightly above the body. Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response and helping to accelerate the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Similar to recharging a battery, Reiki is the channeling of high-vibrational energy into you aura, chakras and meridians.

Reiki is is a natural tool that can be used to help us cope with the stresses of every day life, and works on all aspects of a person by bringing the mind, body and spirit back into beautiful alignment. Reiki works on all planes – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

It has been proven that receiving Reiki affects brain waves by transforming consciousness in the same way that meditation does – the breath deepens, stress levels in the body drop, oxygenated blood flows more freely, aiding in the detoxification of the body + mind.

When you receive a Reiki healing, you are being brought back into a state of harmony with the universe. Its calming effect will leave you feeling lighter, happier and connected. Reiki is a wonderful tool to use alongside modern medicine and other therapies, as it supports the physical body during the healing process.

Why should I have a Reiki Session?

Reiki is an invalueble tool which can greatly help us cope with the stresses of every day life in natural and empowering way. In a fast paced world, Reiki a time for conscious rest and restoration.

Reiki clears unwanted energies and brings us back into energetic alignment so that we may navigate the ever-changing ocean which is life with even more grace, more kindness and more love. Reiki is the journey back to ourselves, and for many people, a life-changing and necessary experience.

Who is Reiki safe for?

Reiki is a safe for everyone - babies, the elderly, pregnant women & those experiencing disease.

How often should I have a Reiki session?

Depending on what your needs and intentions from these sessions are, a Reiki treatment can be received as often as weekly, or a few times a year. My personal suggestion is to continue shining at your brightest, aim for one monthly - you will see a difference!

What to expect

During a Reiki session with Om Chi Reiki you can expect to experience deep energetic healing, heart-felt support, deep relaxation and spiritual activation.

During our time together we will connect and share any issues that you feel drawn to talking about. Once we have identified some of the ares you are wishing to work on, you will be gently asked to lay down on the massage table, fully dressed with a soft blanket over you.

While you are on the table, I will guide you through a gentle meditation to promote deeper breathing and relaxation. Organic oils and herbs will be used to support you on your healing journey.

Once you have settled, I will ask for the Reiki energy to start flowing. You will be covered in crystals hand-picked for your own unique needs, which will also add to the healing of this session.

A gentle Indian head massage and application to acupressure points in the head, face and neck will encourage you to relax even more. It is common for people to doze of in these sessions. I welcome snores!

As you rest on the table, I will work my magic quietly while beautiful music places in the background. This part of the healing usually lasts between 50 minutes and one hour. Once the correct amount of healing has been administered, you will be gently guided back into your body with the healing vibrations of crystal sound bowls and the sweet scents of grounding oils and Palo Santo, Holy wood.

We then have some time to discus your experience, set loving goals and safely close the session.