Reiki, holistic councelling + Amplified Crystal healing

2 hrs $150
1.5 hrs $130

Om Chi Reiki's signature healing experience; These 1-on-1 sessions are a perfect way to experience the magic of Reiki with the added benefits of a range of other healing tools. Uniquely tailored to support your individual needs, these healings offer a safe + loving space for deep relaxation, connection and healing. These healing’s are a truly wonderful way to remove energetic build up, + increase health + vitality in the mind, body + soul.

Womb Healing + Fertility Support        

2 hrs $200      

Womb healing is offered to those wishing to connect deeper with their womb spaces, those looking to conceive naturally or as an added therapy alongside other fertility treatments. It  focuses on the the deep relaxation of the client, but the re-awakening of the sacral chakra and reproductive organs. A guided meditation, organic essential oils,  crystal medicine and other beautiful healing modalities will leave you feel grounded, calm and positive. This healing is also supportive for womb related-trauma.

1 - on - 1 Distant Mentorship

1 hr $120

These sessions are designed for those wishing for guidance but who are unable to connect in person. Whether you are looking for emotional, spiritual or physical support, these sessions offer a safe, loving space for connection + growth.

1 - on - 1 Reiki Mentorship

Are you a Reiki healer who is looking for support to deepen your personal Reiki practise or develop your Reiki business? These personalised sessions are designed to support you in anyway you might need. Together we can iron out the fine lines of your practise, cultivating a deeper connection to yourself, and the Universe.

Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki is an intelligent energy that can be sent and received anytime, anywhere, regardless of time, distance and space.

These healing’s last around 60 minutes, and are perfect for those wishing to experience a deep healing but are unable to meet with the healer in person.