The journey of the spirit may be one of the most important journeys that you ever embark on. Once you start healing, it is hard to stop. Many of us have a deep yearning for more connection with ourselves, and more understanding about the universe around us. These 1-on-1 sessions offer up a safe space for heart-felt connection and support. We will have the opportunity to cover any questions you might have about your experiences, and although each session is totally unique, the themes and ideas around whatever comes up for you will be perfectly alinged with what you need at that moment.

This is an opportunity for insightful discussion, intention setting, spiritual guidance and tailored healing plans for optimal energetic health, wellness and growth.

Spiritual Mentorship for practitioners

If you are a practitioner of the healing arts and would like some support in your business, I offer specialised mentorship sessions to help inspire and guide you as you build your practise. I am currently mentoring a number of healers all over the world via Skype and Whatsapp as they develop their skills, experiences and businesses.

Sessions are conducted in person or via skype .