I was fortunate enough that the universe aligned so that I had the chance to meet Poppy at a yoga teacher training. I knew as soon as she spoke that she was one beautiful & super inuitive healer. Since meeting I have completed my reiki 1 training with Poppy (Om Chi Reiki). I couldn't think of anyone else who would make me feel so comfortable to receive the attunements and someone I could fully trust - which I feel is so important to me when working with Reiki. I will always remember the amazing energy of the room making me feel calm and Poppy providing a meditation that instantly grounded me in the space making me feel safe (after a hectic morning). Thank you so much darling for a such a special day - you are a miracle light worker with magical healing hands!

A.Mounter, Melbourne                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Poppy is an amazing healer and teacher. I did my level 1 and 2 with her. I felt so comfortable around her. She's really great at meeting you where you are in your journey, a few teachers only work from the viewpoint alone. She gets it. I was in awe of her grace, wisdom, kindness and willingness to teach me. Couldn't recommend her enough. 

A. Zaidi, London

Poppy, what can I say besides that you are truly an amazing healer. One of kind and definitely work such magic on me. Every time I have come in I am always completely surprised and in such owe of what happens during each session. You make me feel relaxed, warm, calm, level headed, and content. I always feel balanced and rejuvenated as if I have had ten people work on me at once. I cannot wait for our next session because not only are you incredible at energy healing but also an amazing human being. Thank you so much for being you and doing what you do girl

 C.Dorman, Melbourne

I'd been following Poppy on IG for some time so was very pleased to find out she would be teaching in London. I did my level 1 course with her in august and it has kick-started a real revolution in my life. It's one of those things that you can do for yourself that will make a real difference and i would recommend it to anybody. I also wouldn't hesitate to recommend Poppy as your guide through this. She is incredibly patient and open, very knowledgeable and experienced and a real pleasure to be around. What she says and how she says it has really resonated with me personally and i'm looking forward to taking my level 2 with her next year. Thanks Poppy.

M. Acton, London

Amazing, gentle but powerful healing. Serene environment. Poppy, apart from being a gorgeous soul has a gift that is rare to find. I cannot recommend her healing highly enough. I will be back.

R. Dee, Melbourne

I’ve had the most beautiful sessions with Poppy as she has introduced me into this incredible of healing called Reiki. I will never forget my first session when Poppy first performed her Reiki and feeling such an intense moment of calmness when she placed her hands on my shoulders. Highly recommend her for not only her Reiki but also as someone who you can trust and feel safe around when going to her beautiful space. Thank you Pops! 

J.  Mansour,  Melbourne

Poppy is a divine magical rainbow unicorn that fell into my life and I am beyond grateful. I noticed a shift in myself immediately during and after my first session and I continue to grow daily. Poppy is so informative, supportive and caring before, during and after each session. "it was meant to be" Lorna Syme, Melbourne

L. Syme, Melbourne

I have been receiving Reiki and healing treatments through Om Chi Reiki and I can't recommend enough! I have also attended meditation circles, womens circles, new moon ceremonies and yin yoga groups held through Om Chi Reiki and found these sessions super empowering. Poppy is an amazing healer and super intuitive to your needs (even if you don't know them yourself). Being new to reiki, I felt at ease with her guidance and relaxed in her beautiful studio space. Highly recommend the Reiki and Crystal healing that has helped me in areas of emotional blockages, grief and just not feeling like myself, uninspired and unmotivated. Poppy has certainly helped me in all these areas and I've felt a positive shift in energy and feeling of peace. Amazing experience every time, thank you so much for sharing your light on us Poppy!

S. Garrett,  Melbourne