What is Womb Healing?

Since the beginning of time, cultures all over the world have worshipped at the alter of the Woman. A woman’s womb space has the power to create and destroy at any given time, and many still believe that the femalre reproductive organs are the gateway to heaven. There is more and more evidence proving the un-deniable corralation between the health of a woman’s womb and her mental, emotional and spiritual health. There is still so much that we don’t know about this deeply sacred area - but what we do know is that when we experience feelings of stagnancy in our sacral chakra (womb space) we often feel stuck in our lives. It is our natural state to flow freely and eaily, being guided by our intuition and gut feelings. When we don’t listen to ourselves, the sacral chakra can block, affecting our energy flow.

Our wombs have the power to create life, internally and externally. It is time to start honouring this amazing part of ourselves. It is where our power lies.

Women tend to carry many energies in their womb. Past relationships, sexual trauma and unresolved emotion can all add to slight blocks in energy flow around the body . Even the slightest trauma can create energy that can be hard to clear by ourselves. Womb healing is the releasing and cleansing of the womb space using a range of different healing modalities such as Reiki, sound, meditation, visulisation, colour healing, prayers, blessings and intention.

Womb Healing & Fertility

When the womb space is full, it can be hard for the soul of the baby to anchor properly. Womb healing is the gentle process of lovingly creating space for the soul to ‘move in’.

As you relax on the table, special oils and herbs are anointed to acupressure points on the body to stimulate energy flow and aid the detox process, while a gentle guided meditation will help calm the mind and deepen the breath.

A full Reiki session is then lovingly given, focusing on the womb and heart, gently releasing blocks and encouraging more light into the body. Crystals are used during this healing, along with sound medicine, aromatherapy and a blessing, leaving you feeling relaxed, clear, positive and in flow.

This healing is a beautiful experience for anybody embarking on their fertility journey and can have profound effects on the receiver. It offers an opportunity for re-connection and activation of this sacred space, releasing deep emotional trauma and unresolved past issues, and making way for fresh, healthy energy.

Womb healing is the also the healing of inter-generational trauma, the energetic memories that are passed down through the blood line of the women in your ancestry. When we take steps to healing the womb, we are not only healing ourselves, but the women that came before us, and the women that will come after us.

Who is Womb Healing available too?

This journey is open to all those wishing to create space in their bodies and lives for deep personal connection and transformation. The is no previous healing experience needed for this treatment, and no age limit. All are welcome.

Why would I embark on this journey?

When we heal the womb, we release unresolved emotions by sending healing energy through the energetic blood lines of all the women that came before us, and all the women that will come after us.

Everyone that has ever walked this beautiful Earth was created in a womb. It the space from which all creation comes.

Our divine right to be deeply connected to this sacred space has experienced generations of suppression. Our healing practise’s, rituals and ability to speak, listen and connect with each other and the world around us have been blocked, leaving many of us feeling isolated, uninspired and stuck.

But times are changing. One by one we are remembering.

We are healing. We are asking questions. We are coming to circle, more and more often. We are starting to feel safe enough to share our trauma without fear of judgement, and are learning to communicate more authentically from a more deeply loving place - to ourselves, and to others.

Every time a women begins to re-connecting with her womb, a disc of orange energy is awakened around her sexual organs, igniting a powerful connection to a deep internal knowing. This spark of energy awakens all of the other discs of energy that make up her physical and light bodies, clearing and cleansing impurities from the aura, the nervous system, and the cells.

We are made of light. Inside each cell in our body is light, and for this light to remain vibrant, we must continually cleanse our energy so that new, fresh energy can be created.

Womb healing is like removing a pile of rocks and sticks that have fallen into a river, affecting water flow. Healing is the process of gently stripping away barriers so that water may flow as healthily as possible.

Distant Womb Healing & Fertility Support

All of these offerings are available to those unable to meet me in person. Healing can be sent anywhere, anytime, regardless of space or distance. These sessions may include Skype or Facetime meetings for us to discuss your intentions and then a tailoured healing will be sent at the most appropriate time.

“The wonder of life begins in the womb of a woman.”
— Lailah Gifty Akita